Company Overview

Our founding

Our founders noticed the mortgage industry was offering a broad suite of services, but was coming up short in providing quality renovation management services. As experts in the renovation management field, Total Property Solutions recognized the opportunity and was created to fill that imperative need. 

Our Mission

Total Property Solutions' mission is to enhance value and improve communities throughout the nation by providing excellent renovation management services. We strive to be the best renovation management company in the nation by keeping our clients' interests our primary focus. We're committed to creating value and providing excellent customer service by continuously improving our people, process, and technology. 

Our Leadership

Our founders have successfully built and led teams and processes to execute renovation management for more than 18,000 single family houses throughout the nation.

Our services include: 

-Determining strategic scopes of work

-Recruiting, vetting and managing thousands of high-quality contractors

-Conducting a timely construction process

-Providing quality assurance and industry-leading reporting

Our Company Values

1. Create Value. Results matter, and we are committed to success by best protecting the interests of our clients.

2. Improve Communities. We seek to improve neighborhoods and quality of life for the people in these communities by providing quality renovation work on every project. 

3. Customer Service. We focus on building long-term business partnerships with our clients by developing and maintaining trust, open communication, accountability, and consistency.

4. Respect For All People. Golden Rule: Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.