TPS Weekly - October 10th, 2018

The Best Weekly Curation of Real Estate and Mortgage News

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The Best Weekly Curation of Real Estate and Mortgage News

October 10th, 2018

Foreclosed Homes in U.S. Appreciate Faster than Typical Homes 
According to a new report by Zillow, value of U.S. homes that were foreclosed on during the Great Recession are appreciating rapidly, up 10.3 percent over the past year, while the typical U.S. home is appreciating 6.5 percent annually. READ MORE
World Property Journal
The Ripple Effect of Foreclosures
A report by Zillow explains how the effects of the Great Recession were not just twofold but deeply profound—and also reveals how the crisis served to benefit those who bought foreclosed homes during that time. READ MORE
DS News
Delinquency Rate Hits New Low
In July, mortgage delinquency fell to 4.1% while foreclosures dropped to .5%, according to new CoreLogic analysis. READ MORE
The State of the Economy and Housing
The U.S. economy is booming, but the housing market is lagging, according to the LegalShield Law Index, a quarterly indicator of the economic and financial status of U.S. households and small businesses. READ MORE
DS News
Home Affordability in U.S. Hits 10-Year Low in 2018
Based on ATTOM Data Solutions newly released Q3 2018 U.S. Home Affordability Report, U.S. home prices in the third quarter of 2018 were at the least affordable level since Q3 2008--a 10-year low.
World Property Journal

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